2017 Classroom Updates with Creative Teaching Press

Well, it is October now, and like last year's classroom reveal, this post is overdue. But! It's up a month earlier than last year's, so I'm counting that s a win!

I honestly didn't change too much in my classroom this year, but when Creative Teaching Press sent me THE ENTIRE Bold and Bright collection, as a Brand Ambassador, I had to make some updates! 

So here are some things I did! 
Stay tuned for the end of this blog post on how you can win THE ENTIRE BOLD AND BRIGHT COLLECTION!

First of all, I added some new decals to the front and back of my door.

Because my room is a mess 99.9% of the time! 
This year I've tried to elevate the popular teacher phrase "throw kindness around like confetti" by talking to my first graders about being an upstander, and how sometimes kindness isn't enough.

I also updated by back to school bulletin with these adorable sticky note pieces! The border and letters are from CTP, too!

Although these pencils and borders are not new...they are from CTP, and you can recreate this look with items from the Bold and Bright Collection!

Bold & Bright Striped & Spotted Pencils 6" Designer Cut-Outs Bold & Bright Push Pins Border

I also stepped up my calendar area game with double borders!

I use the large pocket for storing the extra pieces!

Here's another way I use the extra large pockets! I store my classroom job applications in them. The hexagon cutouts are from CTP, too, but they're no longer available. You could do something similar, on a smaller scale, with these cut outs!

I added these focus area pieces to my white board. I used the magnetic border and pieces from the centers bulletin board.

I also cut some of the magnetic borders in half to create these 10 frames for my easel!

I got rid of a desk completely this year, and now have supplies stored in this cube shelf from Target. Above it you can see the adorable new birthday display!

Behind my small group table, I have some {3 year old unfinished} tool boxes, filing, and drawers to keep me kinda organized.

Above my windows I added a long string and I'm using it to hang up my mentor text's vocabulary. I used these cut outs, and hot glued them to clothes pins!

I plan on adding the star cut outs to these clothespins, where I hang drawings my students give me, usually from TicTacToeWork.

Every year at Open House, I take my students' pictures with this chalkboard. 

The black and white borders are no longer available from CTP, but these would be a perfect substitute!

Bold & Bright Bold Stripes Border
I like to change the chalkboard monthly/seasonally! Make sure you're following me on Instagram to see the board I do for Halloween soon!

The shoe organizer is from Walmart!

 Here's a bigger look at my classroom this year.

And yes....this banner is still hanging in the hallway! Even though we have been back since August 23rd! Oops!

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