Goodbye 3rd Grade, I'll Miss You...

The time has come my friends. It is time for me to say goodbye to 3rd grade.

I'm moving from 3rd grade to 1st grade. It's not by choice, but I've been aware of the possibility since late April, so it doesn't sting quite as bad.

My building is transitioning from 3 sections to 2 sections. It wasn't suppose to effect 3rd grade until 2017-18 school year, but our incoming numbers are just too low for 3 sections. 

So goodbye 3rd grade, hello 1st grade!

I student taught in 1st grade, so I'm not totally clueless, but still nervous.

What I'll miss most about 3rd grade is seeing my previous students all the time. My old classroom was right next to, and right across 2 of the 4th grade classrooms. Naturally, I saw all of my previous students all the time! 

First grade means all the way downstairs into a new classroom, away from my big kids!

I hope to blog more this summer, including how I'm transitioning from 3rd to 1st.

What advice do you have for me with this change?


  1. Moving grades is a good time to purge what you have. I've been moved to a different grade almost every year and found that it helped to purge a little each year. if isn't something I used or will use I the new grade, I get rid of it. Also each grade has its perks! I've found things I love and dislike about each grade, so it doesn't matter what grade you teach as long as your kids know you care.

  2. Keep lots of bandaids, little guys love to put on a bandaid. I know it sounds funny but it is a small thing that makes many things better.


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