Class Project- Dog Ropes

You may have seen this on my Instagram earlier this week!

Today, I tell you all about it!

This past week, we spent our mornings taking the Iowa Assessments. Yes, we test the first week in February for state testing. I hate it. Next year, we will be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment.
{Insert sad face here}

Naturally, we took a break from our regular learning to do some fun things to break up our week of testing. Over Christmas break I cleaned out my closet, but had yet to go through my tshirt dresser. Yes, I have a whole dresser dedicated to tshirts. I went though them this past weekend and cleaned about 20 shirts I no longer wore. I didn't know what I was going to do with them. Then it hit me! My students could use them to make dog ropes!

A few years ago, I found the idea on Pinterest. I don't remember the original pin, but this post has several DIY dog toy ideas.

On Tuesday afternoon, I told my class what we were going to be working on this week. They were so excited! "Are we going to sell them?", one student asked me. Nope! We are going to donate them to the Humane Society. They were even more excited they were giving them to the shelter!

I'm a little partial because my babies were both rescued from this shelter. #DOGMOM

I cut all of the tshirts in about 2inch strips. 

I showed the students how to pull them to make them curl.

Then, showed them how to braid.

They had so much fun!
This picture warms my heart. The boy on the left's last day was Friday, when this picture was taken. The boys were doing "rope hugs", and wanted a picture. #bestillmyheart

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