Flocabulary-Educational Hip Hop

It's no secret that I like to incorporate music into my instruction. 
I've even been known to rap with my students...

Best. Teacher. Eva!

Naturally, when Flocabulary contacted me about their website that is CHALK FULL of Hip Hop Songs on everything from Fractions, to Complex Sentences, I was all in!

I'll be honest, I was hesitant about my students actually liking these. Would they think they're cheesy? would they make a difference? Yes. Yes.

I was really struggling to teach complex sentences with my students, and I noticed Flocabulary had a song for it! I previewed it and giggled to myself. I thought, what do I have to lose? I explained to my students that I was going to play them a song about Complex Sentences and they may think it is a little cheesy and dumb, but to just listen to the words. 

By the time the chorus came around, they were singing along! And you know what, they aced their quiz about complex sentences.

So later that day, we had a few minutes to fill, and I decided to go to the Math section and do the "Cooking with our 3s" video. Oh my gosh! These kids were groovin' in their seats, singing along....then they BEGGED me to play more of them. 

Flocabulary has videos for K-12. One of my favorites? Week in Rap! A 4 minute video about current events each week! One for K-5 and one 5-12. They're always adding more videos!

All the Deets
- Flocabulary is a web-based learning program for all grades and subjects that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement.
- Teachers in more than 50,000 schools have used Flocabulary’s standards-based videos, instructional activities and formative assessments to develop core literacy skills and supplement instruction across the curriculum.
- With new and expanding resources for writing and project-based learning, Flocabulary is a springboard into student-centered instruction. Check out our Writing Academic Rhymes resources to lead students in their own educational rap-writing! https://www.flocabulary.com/warp/intro/
- Flocabulary offers more than 700 videos with accompanying classroom resources and formative assessments to support instruction in math, science, social studies, ELA, vocabulary, current events and life skills, with new content every week.

Want Flocabulary for FREE?!?!
They're offering thgeir extended winter trial for a limited time - Jan. 26 (That's today!!)- Feb 29th! These trials are schoolwide, providing access for all teachers and staff. Once you register, you'll be prompted to share the trial with your colleagues. For most folks, the extended trial duration is 60 days - but Flocabulary has given you all 75 days of free Flocabulary! What what!?!

Go to https://www.flocabulary.com/WTB2016/ to sign up for your free 75 day free trial!

I obviously already showed my colleagues and they're like "Oh my gosh, I love it. We're buying it next year...my kids love it!!"

Teacher Tested...Kid Approved! :)

Start your year inspired!

Have you heard?!?! There's a major TeachersPayTeachers site wide sale happening January 20-21!
I do love me some online shopping! :)

I'm here to help you pack your cart with my must haves for my classroom, newest products from my shop, and my best sellers. I'm also sharing with you what I have on my wishlist for this sale!
I use SO many TpT resources, but there are a few that are serious game changers for me, folks!
Math Interactive Notebook: 3rd Grade Common Core
Seriously. Every stinkin' day my kids work in their notebooks. It allows them CCSS aligned practice with what I'm teaching, in a fun way. Not to mention it has helped out my babies' fine motor skills. Seriously, I love technology, but there is a need for cutting, gluing, coloring, and folding when they're 8 and 9 years old. This is a must for my math block.

Text Detectives- Find the Text Evidence Through the Year B
When you have to make time cuts in your day...where is the first place you cut?
Did you say Science and Social Studies? Me too. This product helps, because she covers so many topics for the season. I feel a little better cutting out, when I can depend on this baby for a 2 for 1 deal. Actually 3 for 1, because I usually throw in a writing prompt to tie it in. Reading, Writing, Content Area. BOOM! You can check out this pack full sampler to try it out in your classroom right now!

Multiplication Picture Puzzle BUNDLE

Jessica Michelle's Multiplication Picture Puzzle Bundle. You can never have enough fact practice in 3rd grade. I love using these for centers throughout the year. Gives practice, but even my higher kids find them fun and sometimes even challenging, too!

Reading Intervention Program: Set One Level Range L-P
Jen Bengel's Reading Intervention Set 1. I seriously need some RTI help.

Bundled Fluency Task Cards
Extra Special Teaching's Bundled Fluency Task Cards. My babie's have to read 115 WPM on their FAST assessment this screening to be deemed "proficient". Let's just say these will com in handy after this week's assessments.

Fry Phrase Tic Tac Toe: Third Grade Edition

Fourth and Ten's Fry Phrase Tic Tac Toe. See a theme?

Snowflake FREEBIE Clipart

February Seller Kit {Clipart, Papers, Buntings, Frames}
Might be my favorite seller kit yet!
February Inferencing Task Cards
My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE when they get to do these at the end of the month. They've done since October...thanks to my Growing Bundle...you can, too!

Place Value Flip Book {4 options}
Easy Peasy Flipbook that is the perfect reference or assessment for your kids!
EDITABLE Substitute Binder: Elementary Edition
My Sub Binder makes planning a lot easier for me...all my subs compliment me on it :)

End of the Year Awards-Class Superlatives {EDITABLE}
It is almost the 100th day of school...plan ahead and get these editable class superlative end of the year awards now!

Don't forget to use code START16 at checkout to save an extra 10%! My store is on sale January 20-22. In case you wanted to spend all your credits right away on the 22nd! :D

Snowman Perimeter and Area Activity

Happy Winter! :) I live in Iowa, where Winter can always be...unpredictable. We had a pretty mild November and December. Then January came. Snow came, and the negative temperatures hit. Then Thursday was 50 degrees. Now it's back down to -20. Seriously, don't move to the Midwest if you can help it. #midwestisnotalwaysbest

Anyways! When we headed back to school, I thought of a little activity I could do with my students to quickly introduce them to area and perimeter. You see, we have Iowa Assessments coming up the first week of February (and conferences!!!) Still mad about that double whammy. 

Anyways, January always acts as the month my colleagues and I try to introduce concepts that we know we can't master by assessments, but need to at least give a brief lesson on before the assessment. One of those being area and perimeter. I'm not sure if it's because we went to school a week later this year, or my group of kiddos, but I feel like we are so behind in math!

They loved this quick activity, and it acts as the perfect January bulletin board on our faux chalkboard in our room.

Pretty adorable...right?!

So I gave each student a sheet of centimeter grid paper. I used a printable from my EnVisions textbook, but you could use this free here.

I told them they were going to create a snowman! It was up to them if they wanted their snowman to have 3 snowballs or 2, be tall and skinny, or short and plump! They were obviously excited, and began outlining their snowmen in pencil. Once they had their pieces drawn out, they cut out the snowballs. Some decided to make big ones and then glue them together, and some kept the shape together and cut around.

After they had their snowmen, I allowed them to color and decorate. Then I gave a brief lesson about area and perimeter, and how we use them. I then used my example to show them how to find the area and perimeter of their snowmen. I actually did the distributive property by adding the 2 areas of my snowballs. 

Do you see my mistake?!?!?!
I accidentally counted the little piece that my head overlaps on my body twice! My area should actually be 76 sq units. OOPS!

 Then they filled out their tags and pasted them to their snowmen!

Want to build your own snowmen?! Grab my tags here!

Enjoy! If you do this activity, please share with me on my Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram!

I used my January Seller Kit for the mint falling snowflake background, and snowflakes on the tags!


2016 Resolutions

I'm not one to really make resolutions...or at least not making practical ones. I thought I'd link up with Diana from My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire for my hopeful resolutions!
This is a big one. As a new teacher (although I'm in my 4th year...I'm still new, people) you constantly feel like you have to say yes to everything. Although I'm not sure I'll be able to say no to things, I have taken 2 big things off my plate.
For awhile, I've been considering resigning from coaching. At the begin of November, I put in my resignation letter. It was a very hard decision, but I'm looking forward to having my nights November-February back. It's a lot of work for just one person, when you have 5 squads. There's a game every night and when there's not...there's practice...from November to February.
IT. DRAINS. ME. So, after 5 years of coaching cheerleading, and 4 years coaching at MY OWN high school, I've decided to resign.

Another thing I decided, that was also very hard, was to take a hiatus from blog designing. I started L. Paull Designs for All a year and half ago, and have designed over 150 blogs. I just did the math on that and that is a new blog every 3.5 days! That's a lot folks. I'm also super cheap compared to other designers, and I create custom clipart for almost all of my designs. I just need time to find my passion for it again. I can't say for sure...but I don't think it is a permanent hiatus.
I think we all have been here. Winter Break started off rough for me, as my family and I mourned the loss of our 3 month old niece. The next day I attended 2 students' (1 current, 1 previous) fathers' funeral. Then had to do the happy holidays. Let's just say that was hard. So last Sunday, I took a whole day for me. I stayed in my pajamas and netflixed Grey's Anatomy all day. I drank several Diet Cokes, and ate chocolate. No regrets.

I need to do this more often. I often feel like if I'm not doing something, I must be lazy. NO! I need to take time for myself. So I'm going to do something for ME each month. Whether that is a massage (I scheduled a couple's massage for my hubby and I later this month), or going to Starbuck's and browsing Target, or taking a day to read a book. I can't tell you the last I time I read a book for me. It's been year, people! I'm going to blog about what I do for ME each month. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same. Which brings me to...

And I don't mean linking up to Currently. Nope. I want at least 1 of these posts to be classroom content, 1 post to be what I did for me, and the 3rd may be a craft that I do for my house, or classroom, or maybe another classroom idea, or anything else...just can't be Currently. That's too easy!!

I'm already doing better at this by cutting back on things. I'm resigning from coaching, taking a break from designing, and focusing on me!

This may sound crazy to you....since I took a break from designing, but doing DIY printables, and a few vinyl projects seems a lot less stressful than designing right now. I had to wait awhile to take a break from designing. I had one of my January clients sign up in July for her design. I can hit "out of stock" on the expansion ideas at any time :) Check me out on Facebook!

I survived my first semester! I will graduate May 2017, and I cannot wait! HA! I'm pretty proud to say that I'm still holdin onto that 4.0! Let's see how long that lasts!

I'm hoping by cutting back some, I can focus a bit more on creating quality products, and get myself to that first milestone! Here's to hoping!

This is my year! Sorry, All Time Low....I've got this!

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