Stitch Fix #14- Getting Ready for the Holidays

It's obvious that I love getting a Stitch Fix box. I've been doing Stitch Fix since April of 2014. I took a bit of a break last fall and winter to save money for our wedding, but got back to it wanting pieces for my Honeymoon.

I was given the perfect pieces from my stylist, Ashley, and I've bought the whole box each month since! She knows my style so well...a little too well! :)

Brief info about SF:
  • Fill out Style Profile
  • Set Fix Dates
  • Pay $20 Styling Fee
  • Receive 5 items picked for you by your stylist
  • Try out items in the comfort of your home
  • Decide which items to keep within 3 days
  • Styling Fee goes towards anything you decide to keep
  • Keep all 5, and get 25% off total
  • Send any items you don't want back in a pre-paid postage bag
  • Leave feedback and schedule next fix!
  • You're not locked in
  • You can stop at any time
  • set weekly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly
  • You can sign up here using my referral!

    This month I asked for a vest, because I love the one I got from SF last November, purple and gray pieces, and dresses and skirts. I coach high school cheer, and although my district has a pretty relaxed dress code, I like to dress professional. I usually have games Monday-Friday nights, and rarely do I go home after school, so wearing a tshirt or hoodie every day of the week just doesn't do it for me. So I wanted some new purple and gray (school colors) pieces that would work for both school and cheer.

    So without further adieu, here is November's fix which is perfect for the holidays!

    Excuse the hair...I planned on taking pictures Saturday when I actually curled my hair, but I got lazy. #sorrynotsorry

    I got this 41 Hawthorn dark charcoal gray herringbone vest. I knew it was a keeper right away. I paired it with the Skies So Blue plaid shirt with studded accents. I was wearing leggings and decided to keep them on...although I would never wear it like this. I would most definitely pair the tops with jeans.
    I love the holiday feel of the plaid shirt, and the accents set it apart from the usual plaid shirt.
    The vest is heavy enough that I could wear a sweater underneath, and be okay for those warmer (35 degrees no wind) Iowa winter days.

    Next, I tried on the Hailey 23 pop over dress. I was a little unsure about this was my hubby. But when I put it on, he said "oh, that's actually really cute...I like that!" So of course I have to keep it. It has a little split in the! I want some burgundy or deep pink leggings (bought a pair of redish maroon since!) to add a pop of color. I also need a statement necklace for it! What a great dress it will make for the holidays.
    The final assemble was the gilli print pencil skirt and purple pleated tabbed blouse that were recommended to wear together. I was a bit hesitant on the skirt, but I actually ended up liking it a lot.
    I loved the purple blouse, and that I can wear it with the tabbed sleeves up or down (not shown). Although I like it with the skirt, I think I would most often wear it with jeans. The skirt will make a great go to piece for conference nights or when the hubby and I go out to a fancy our one fancy restaurant in our town.

    So there you have it, November's fix. Due to the quickly approaching holidays and no space in my closet, I'm taking a couple months off from SF to save money and weed out some older clothes in my closet. :)

    If you haven't give SF a try, I encourage you to! Be really specific with your note, feedback, and pins on Pinterest.

    Happy Holiday Fashion!
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