Halloween Inferencing Giveaway & My Favorite Halloween Resources!

How is it possible that it's Halloween week?! It will be Christmas before we know it!
I love the holidays, and even though Christmas is my favorite, I like to have some fun with my kiddos all October long for Halloween. If you have seen this post, you know I like to have my students guess what I'm being for Halloween!

This year I'm letting YOU in on the fun! 

Make sure to be following my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter...I may post on all 3, or just on 1! You don't want to miss out on any clues!
Also, I will only answer 1 question per person...so don't spam my images with lots of questions! Pick one!
Fill out the Google Form when you have made your inference! Winner will be announced on Friday!
*You may only give 2 guesses!!!!*

Looking for some fun Halloween resources for the week?! Here are some of my favorites!

All of the clipart used in the images are from my October Seller Kit! :)
October Seller Kit
My kids loved making Candy Corn Arrays last week! Easy and yummy Freebie!
Candy Core Arrays! Freebie
I love playing these games with my higher level students! Check it out from Luckeyfrog!
Trick or Treat Game!

My kiddos loved trying to infer what Halloween/October themed word I was describing! Be on the lookout for monthly inferencing cards!
October Inferencing Task Cards
This is a product I recently discovered from Erin Lane! A great way to assess listening skills in your classroom! There are single step, and multi step options! I bought the whole bundle!
Listen and Color October
And no holiday is complete without a pack from my color by product bundle! Keeps them engaged for the holidays, and is a great way to practice their multiplication facts!
Hocus Pocus Color by Product!

Happy Halloween!!!!


October Currently

Two posts in one day?! Sue me!
Linking up with Farley for Currently!
Listening: Next Thursday, you can find the hubby and I dancing and singing along in the PIT of Taylor's concert in Des Moines. I got this goodie box yesterday...

Loving:Kiddos didn't have school today! We had PD 8-11, then collaboration time, but since my group meets weekly, we get the afternoon off. This replaced our every other week early outs. I love it!
Thinking:We had conferences this week (yea, 6th week of school), so my mind has been all over that, rather than plans, so I will be making a trip to school this weekend, especially when I'm using 1 1/2 personal days for Thursday PM and Friday.
Wanting: I'm hungry!
Needing: Cheer calendars won't create themselves, unfortunately!
Boo-tiful:As mentioned in my Five for Friday, I've battled acne for over 10 years, and I'm finally getting it under control. Clear skin days really give me a confidence boost!

Happy October! 

Five for Friday

Happy Friday, and Happy October!
I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bus Teaching for Five for Friday!
Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win a Bloom Daily Planner Teacher Planner and my fave planner goodies! :)

Slowly but surely my skin is getting better. I've suffered from acne for over 10 years. I've been break out free for 2 months! I'm hoping to start light therapy treatments in November! My goal is to feel confident without make up (shown left), but for now...most days I still wear it (right)
My 4th niece, River Rose, was born premature at 27 weeks. I had tears in my eyes when I got to meet her last weekend, 5 days new, and just a teeny tiny thing. She's getting stronger each day!
I survived Conference week! WOO HOO!
Monday I didn't have time to eat! No breakfast, lunch, or dinner until 7:30pm. It was rough!
Thursday was less crazy, and it's a PD day tomorrow, and the afternoon off!
We also started our Halloween Inferences!
I do this every year, and I love having my kiddos try to figure out my Halloween costume each year!
Read more about this activity here.
Grab the freebie!

 Starting next Saturday, I will be posting my students' questions, because THIS year, I'm having my bloggy buddies guess my costume, too! There's prizes involved! Stop by next weekend for the first 10 questions! 

Last day to grab this seller kit on sale for just $2!

Happy weekend!
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