Halloween Ready with Creative Teaching Press!

Can you believe it's almost October?!?! Holy mole!
Well, thanks to my friends at Creative Teaching Press, I'm getting my seasonal bulletin board ready...

We are going from Back to School to Halloween!

As you can see, I have vinyl chalkboard up, which is great, because this board will help us keep track of our Halloween Inferences. You can read all about how I make October engaging all month long with our Halloween Inferences! Then grab this freebie!

For this board I used:

Stay tuned for a fun giveaway that will last ALL OCTOBER LONG! Come back October 2nd! :)
Happy Halloween!!!

Bloom Daily Planners- Review

This summer I was contacted by Bloom Daily Planners, about the possibility of reviewing their new Teacher Lesson Planner. I had already purchased my 2015-16 planner, but we thought it might be fun for me to review, and give it away! :)

 The Bloom Daily Teacher Planner features a fun, geometric/floral design, with beautiful colors! Downside is that is the only option. Have no fear! I'm working with Bloom Daily to make the planner a teacher's DREAM!
Inside you will see monthly tabs, that feature a 2 page calendar spread and a 2 page "In Review" to jot notes. What's unique about this planer is the lesson planning tab. It has the days vertical, rather than horizontal. This would make it especially easy to break up the sections into 2, if I wanted to....which I usually do in my planners.
There's also several "teacher pages" for sub info, student info, parent contact log, graph paper, and important dates. The back cover has a folder pocket to store whatever you need to!
None of the pages are dated....so even though it is almost October...don't let that hold you back from entering this giveaway....you can use it right away, or save it for next year!

In addition to planners, Bloom Daily, also has card sets, mouse pads, file folders, desk calendars, binders, and more!
 I also received my choice of Academic Daily Planner. I chose this design because it matches L. Paull Designs for All, and that's exactly what I use it for! There are some pages that I don't use {shown below}. But I immediately wrote down goals for myself...noticed the Word Press you can read about that here.

 I've started using the monthly spread to jot down email correspondence. My goal for October is to write in the actual planner part...OOPS! The reason why I haven't used it, is because I'm using this Todays To Do planning pad, I don't write daily, it's more of a weekly list for me, as I can't possibly work on designs every day on top of my full time teaching job, and pursuing my Master's Degree.
I love the color and pattern, and the quote 'Do something today, that your future self will thank you for. LOVE IT!

Now it's time to giveaway the Teacher Planner! If you're interested in a daily planner, all planners are ready for 2016 pre-order!

I'll also be throwing in some of my planner must haves...washi, flairs...ya know, the fun stuff! :)

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September Stitch Fix Review and Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy September! Last weekend I received my September Stitch Fix box (#12), and it was my 4th 5/5 in a row!

Brief info about SF:

  • Fill out Style Profile
  • Set Fix Dates
  • Pay $20 Styling Fee
  • Receive 5 items picked for you by your stylist
  • Try out items in the comfort of your home
  • Decide which items to keep within 3 days
  • Styling Fee goes towards anything you decide to keep
  • Keep all 5, and get 25% off total
  • Send any items you don't want back in a pre-paid postage bag
  • Leave feedback and schedule next fix!
  • You're not locked in
  • You can stop at any time
  • set frequencies...bi weekly, monthly, bi monthly, quarterly

  • You can sign up here using my referral!

    Let's take a look at this month's fix! Stay tuned for a chance to win a $25 SF gift card! :)


    I specifically asked my stylist, Ashley, for cooler weather pieces and pants. I also mentioned that when I have received pants from SF in the past, they're always $100+ and I wouldn't pay that. 
    I tried on the tunic and pants together along with some tall black boots. I loved the look! The pants are actually "Madonna Leggings" and are super comfy! They have faux front pockets, but real back pockets. I loved the neckline on the tunic, and the tie on the waist. Although the pants were still $78, I kept them because they're so versatile, and super comfy! I originally thought the tunic would be a return, because I felt $64 was too high. However, I did the math and figured out I would spend more with getting the 4 other pieces, than getting all 5 and the 25% buy all discount. Do the math folks!

    I just swapped the tunic for this dolman top. I loved the simplicity, and the softness of the fabric. I learned after sharing with friends (including my 2 besties) this is a popular SF item, as a lot of them have this top...including my besties. 

    I tried adding some color and loved it! I decided to keep this, because it can go with anything and be dressed up or down. I only wish it was more unique to my SF. One of the reasons I love SF, is because I get so many unique pieces I wouldn't usually find at the mall or Target.

    I told Ashley that I had a wedding in early October (my Bloggy Bestie, Jameson) and she did not disappoint! This Papermoon dress is so elegant! I loved the lace print. I paired it with pearls and black peep-toed pumps. 

    Lastly, I put on the Pixley (one of my favorite SF brands) and fell in love! Ashley knows I love lace, and this dress was perfect!

    That back!!!!

    Unfortunately, I have to get this dress taken in, as it was about 2 inches too big on both sides. I didn't care! I loved that I could add any color of shoes and necklaces. I think this will be the dress I wear to the wedding!

    Well, what do you think? After my discount, my fix was $217. I liked to try to keep things under $200, but with 2 dresses and a pair of pants, I thought it was okay to go a bit more. 

    Now it's time for your chance to win a SF gift card! Good Luck! :)
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    Erin Condren Review and Giftcard Giveaway!

    I'm so excited to show you a few things I got from Erin Condren from the new Cool for School line!
    Stay tuned for your chance to win a gift card! :)

    One thing I got was the Reversible Quote Calendars!
    You get 12 beautiful quote posters that are 11"x17". They don't come laminated, you have to pay an extra $24 for EC to laminate for you. I think that's a little much. I would suggest getting them laminated though, so you can use them year after year.
     These are just 3 of the 12. They're perfect here! I will change them out as I switch out the months. I just love the touch of color and inspiration they add! Every month has a different quote!
    This is what the back of the calendars look like. The pack comes with date dots, so it adds even more color! I just used a Vis-A-Vis Wet Erase marker to write on it.

    It was hard to figure out how to hang these up. You can see I just used a thumbtack for this one, but I really didn't want to keep poking holes in my walls. I tried punching a hole at the top, and hanging them on a command hook, but that didn't work too well. As soon as I punched the whole, the laminate released around the hole. 
    I found that these Picture Hanging Strips from Command work out great!

    I also got a pack of the Chalkboard Compliment Cards

    This pack of 10 cards is only $5! They have 2 other styles of compliment cards, too!
    Originally, I was going to use them for students, but my friend Jameson mentioned using hers for staff! I love that idea! Just write a quick note, and make someone's day a bit brighter!

     I also go the new Cool for School sticker book!
     It's a book of accent stickers and little reminder stickers! All accented with gold!
    I'm not one to take a lot of time adding stickers and washi to my planner, because my EC teacher planner is already so beautiful! However, these accents make it easy to add even more fun to my planner!
     I noticed that the stickers seem to be more geared to students, rather than teachers. As you can see with the notes about studying, papers, and exams. There are plenty to use as a teacher, however. The student ones will come in handy for me though...because I started graduate school a couple weeks ago!
    Just a touch of more pretty!

    The last item I got was the snap-in StylizedSticky Notes!
    These snap right into your planner! I was worried about it falling out, but I have had them in for over 3 weeks, and they haven't budged! I'm always sticking notes in my planner for reminders, and these make it so I don't have to search for a note! Plus...they're pretty! #alltheprettythings
     In case you wanted to see my planner cover for this year! :)

    Check out how I Up-Cycled my old planner here!

    Now, how cruel of me would it be if I showed you all of these pretty things, and not give you a chance to get some of it for yourself! Enter below for a $25 Erin Condren giftcard, so you can get yourself some Cool for School items...or even a planner!

    If you haven't ordered from EC before, use this code here for $10 of your order!
    *I was given these items for free to review*

    Currently September

    Is it really September?!

    Linking up with Farley for Currently!


    Jason and I decided to watch Drive Me Crazy on Netflix. Go ahead, Britney... do it...ya know you want to...

    You're welcome.


     Did ya notice who is the sponsor this month?


     Previously we have had 1 or 2 early outs every month on Wednesdays for in-service. Changed things up this year! Instead, students don't have school one Friday a month, and the teachers have PD 8-11. The rest of the day is ours, as long as we get in 4 hours of collaboration (outside of contract) in during the month...if not, we have to stay for the afternoon. I plan on staying a little bit...because I have some BIG plans for our hallway. Stay tuned for a blog post coming to ya soon!


     Nothing says tired like beginning of the school year...whew! But I have like 5 designs to install before I can make to bed.


     I have an assignment due tomorrow night...need to get on it.


    1:This really helps in the morning...need to do it all the time.
    2. I'm terrible at managing my time as far as using my planning time wisely...I usually go in on Sundays to work for a couple hours. I know..I know...you're all shaking your head at me. This year will be different...I hope.
    3. I hope to release a new (timely) seller kit each month. I'm working on September. I hope by the weekend. They will include digital papers, frames, accents, and some clipart. 
    If you have something you'd love to see, let me know in the comments! :)

    I hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!
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