Best Way to Stay Stress Free & a Giveaway!

This school year, I've gotten a lot of questions about how I do it all. From my colleagues, friends, family, and social media followers. In  case you're new to Miss Johnston's Journey, let me give you a short list of what I'm doing/did this school year {most of you can probably relate to it!}

1. Teaching- most days 6:45-5
2. Coaching high school cheerleading- 25 student athletes- November - February, Nearly every night including Saturdays- as soon as I leave school to 9:30
3. Teaching before school program 3 times a week 7:00-8:10
4. President of local Reading Association- monthly meetings
5. Blog Designing- 4 to 12 a month depending on time of year
6. Planning a wedding!!!!!! JUNE 12! 53 DAYS PEOPLE!

So...if you're like me...or have even more on your plate...or even less... my best tip for you to stay stress free?

Take one day a week off. Don't do anything. Don't bring your teacher bag home. Unplug your computer and your phone. Enjoy time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Awhile ago, I went to my fiancee and said I felt like we never spend any time together. Do I see him? Yes! Every day! But I felt like I was just sharing a bed with him, and never actually spending time with him. So we now have 1 day a week that we both stay off our laptops and phones, and just enjoy each other's company. We usually watch TV, but we do it together...on the same couch! With our furbaby Maxwell in our laps! Don't feel guilty about taking a night off either!!!! This was hard for me at first...then I realized that if I didn't take care of myself, I would end up sick (like usual) and then be stressed about sub plans and everything else.

I have a little giveaway for you, too!
Who loves shopping?!?

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Five for Friday {4-10-15}

It's been awhile since I linked up for Five for Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching!

It's pretty non-classroom related...SORRY! So here we go!
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Monday was my first day back after having a week for Spring Break! We usually just have a 4 day weekend, but this year was a full week and I loved it! Monday was probably the best day I've had in my career, because I received this letter!

WHAT?! I was shocked and so honored! Only students can nominate, so it really warms my heart! I'm now in a group of teachers who I admire and it amazes me that I'm included in this prestige group after only being in my 3rd year of teaching!
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I've been working hard on blog designs and business cards!
These designs are installed, click to check them out!

These are this coming week's designs...these are the initial designs!

Isn't this camera adorable?! I plan to make a set for TpT this coming week!
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We received our first wedding gift!!! :) My shower is next Sunday, and this was our first gift. Jason was pretty excited! :)

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This weekend I'm heading to my wedding venue with my 2 besties for our hair and makeup trials! I'm so excited! I really like this style :)
Are you getting married next year? Here's your bridal hair style sorted

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We finally have everything booked for our honeymoon! If you read my Currently post, you know we still needed to make our hotel reservations. I'm happy to announce we'll be staying at the Port New Orleans French Quarter. I've started to make dining reservations, too, so if you have any reccommendations, I'm all ears! Don't say Be Our Guest or Cinderella's Royal Table...they're booked for our stay :(
The lobby of The Mint, the main building at Disney's Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

Happy FriYAY! Sorry for all the non-classroom updates...:)

Currently April

I was going to link up last night...but I got sidetracked...and now I'm #bajillion. Not really, but it feels like it! Hard to believe it's April! Seriously...where has the year gone?!

Listening: This show is hilarious, but I only watch it when it's on ABC Family. I should tune in on ABC for it's regular airings.
Loving: I'm on Spring Break! Hello productivity...and some relaxation, too! Here are some designs I've done this week!

I also created some digital papers that I just loooooooove. 

All 3 are just $1 through tomorrow for my Spring Cleaning Sale! {all digital graphics are $1} You check out the papers here...feel free to look around ;)

Thinking: Wedding programs are on my to-do list still for the week. I want to create something like this...
diy Wedding Ideas: Silhouette Wedding Program
Yep, I'm going to {try} to create those silhouettes...

Wanting: Can you guess where we're going?! I've never been to WDW, but Jason has gone twice. We have our flight already. We thought we had our hotel picked out, but caught a snag, and now we're trying to figure that out. We keep going back and forth between staying on resort and not. We really need to figure it out. I secretly want to stay on resort and customize magic bands! :) If we don't stay on resort...I'm still getting those bands! Haha! I'd love any tips you have for Disney!

Needing: I plan on going to school Saturday and plan. I really want to get all of my printing for math done for the rest of the year... That's doable, right? I think so! I'm at a lost though for science and social studies. Our science curriculum is literally as old as I am, so I don't really use it. Iowa is finally getting Science standards, and I'm the pilot for writing units...but that's a ways away.
For social studies, I have one student text, and one teacher manual. It is the most boring text ever. So I don't use it. I use Scholastic News a lot, but would love some standards. Last year I used the leveled readers that I do have from our text, and that worked great for my kiddos. They were in small groups and they basically researched and presented to the class on their topics. I tried it at the beginning of the year, but I had way too many behavior issues and it didn't work out. Since then, all of my challenging students have moved schools {I've had 10 changes to my roster this year}. So, it may be able to work for the rest of the year!

When I started my blogging journey in July 2013, I was entering my 2nd year of teaching and 1st year of 3rd grade. So, journey of a beginning teacher fit. Last summer, I knew I should probably change my name and start my branding. So after a lot of thought and research...I decided on Thriving in 3rd.
Then about a month later...I found a teacher on Instagram using that name. Oh fiddlesticks! So then, I needed to start thinking again. My name will be changing in June, but I will forever answer to Miss Johnston. My students are really concerned about this name change, people! "Can we still call you Miss J?" "What if I forget your new name?!" It's a crisis people! HAHA! So I took my original, and tweaked a I give you...

Well go link up for what you're currently up to, and I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! 
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