Using Scholastic Book Orders to Make Writing Engaging

I'm linking up again with Deb from Crafting Connections for Anchors Away Monday!

Last week, I handed out our October Scholastic Book orders and the kids were so excited, as they usually are. Even more excited when I told them if our order was $100 or more, EVERY student would get a free book! They were pumped! So I took that excitement and decided to put it into our writing!

We have really been focusing on writing paragraphs, particularly in friendly letters. We just got done briefly talking about author's purpose the week before with our basal {blek!} story, so we reviewed the author's PIE. Then, I modeled how to write a PERSUASIVE friendly letter to their family asking to buy ONE book from their book order. We took some time to look through our book orders so we could narrow our choice down to just 1! We then gathered at the carpet and did our anchor chart together. I made sure to just write give 3 reasons, because I know if I did write reasons, most kids would just copy mine...I hate when they do that! I haven't redone it, so it's a bit sloppy...forgive me! I also accidentally ordered blank chart paper...I need some lined! I'll have to go and buy some!

My kiddos were so engaged, it was crazy!

We're now working on editing their letters in writing conferences and publishing them on neon loose leaf paper to take home to their families...which they LOVE. I already received one book order, and they're not due until Oct. 24th! :)

You may notice my desk organization map below my board. You can read about that anchor chart here! The desk fairy visited last week and was able to give 5 students, 2 of them being a couple of my most UNorganized kiddos, treats for organized desks. This time the fairy gave pencil grippers!

Have an awesome anchor chart to share? Link up with Deb! Make sure you stop by her post, she has a couple great contraction freebies! :)


  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I might totally steal it. If that's okay, of course! To help my class prep for pen-pals!

  2. What an awesome idea to use book orders and writing persuasive letters to parents! Talk about an authentic experience! Thanks for the update on the desk fairy, too! :) Thanks again for linking up, Lindsey!


  3. Seriously, Lindsey, what would we do without your awesome ideas?!

    This is happening in my class tomorrow or Thursday! Thanks for the inspiration!



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