Five for Friday ...on a Saturday!

AHHH! I'm so excited! Why am I linking up on Saturday, rather than Friday?

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Well, because of this...

I'm in Chicago for the weekend for the 1st annual Midwest Teacher Blogger Meet Up! I left right after school yesterday, and got in about 8:15ish. I waited for my friend Jameson, and her bestie Kirsten to arrive so we could start getting goody bags ready.

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I was so fortunate enough to have U.S. Cellular's Calling All Teachers complete my funding for my 3rd Donor's Choose Project for 6 Hokki Stools. They arrived on Monday and I cannot tell you how much my students and I are in love with them. One boy in particular, who I've been struggling with helping, used one during his spelling test, and he was so FOCUSED on it I couldn't believe it. You better believe I will have him grab one for every stinking test he takes!

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I've made the plunge into adding pre-designed templates on my blog design site. I originally never wanted to create pre-designs, because I prided myself in making everything custom. After doing, oh like 30 designs now, I've realized that I have so many ideas for designs, and I can't exactly change MY design every week...well I guess I could, but ya know. SO, I thought, well maybe there are some people who want a design that's cute, but don't necessarily know what they want...maybe this could be for them...and they're only $20. Two of them are available here now!

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Okay, I just have to share this picture, because Maxwell decided to pose when I started packing.

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Conferences are Thursday and next Tuesday....hmph!
That's all I have to say about that.

Midwest Blogger Meet Up

Jameson from Lessons with Coffee and I are SOOOOOO stinking excited to announce that we FINALLY locked down a location for the Midwest Teacher Blogger Meet Up.

While I would like to formally apologize for the delay in letting out information I will be completely transparent with you.

Because we had so many drop outs and adds, then drop outs then adds, it was very difficult to find a space that would accommodate 15 people, then 56, then 20, then 26, then 35 people. Please understand that while Jameson tried her hardest to find a location IN Schaumburg as we had initially planned, We had to move the meet up just 15 minutes north. I am Staying in Schaumburg and willing to drive anyone with out a ride.

Ok Here it is!

I am very excited to announce that we are hosting our event at Lakeshore Learning in Palatine Il. What better place to host a teacher blogger event than in a teacher store! Jameson and I have got some great donations lined up for goodie bags and fabulous door prizes.

We are also hosting a "Favorite Things" swap. Please bring three of your favorite teacher "things" unwrapped. These things should be less than 5$. This can be anything from post it notes, to sharpies. Flair pens, to nail polish. Vitamins to granola bars! Be creative! We will be swapping through out the event so you will go home with THREE NEW FAVORITES!

Our event is piggy backing on a pretty major event that is happening at Lakeshore Learning on the same day.

Read for The Record will be taking place from 11am to 3pm. This is a celebrity endorsed event where a WORLD RECORD will be broken by having the largest simultaneous reading of one book. This year the book is:

Turn the page to kindergarten success.
Jumpstart’s premiere national campaign, Read for the Record, mobilizes millions of children and adults to celebrate literacy by participating in the largest shared reading experience.
On October 21, 2014, people across the country will unite to read the children’s book Bunny Cakes, a comical story of sibling bonding and birthday shenanigans, by bestselling author and illustrator Rosemary Wells, in support of Jumpstart’s mission: to work toward the day every child in America enters kindergarten prepared to succeed.
We are all welcome to join this amazing event and be a small part of history. HEY not many people can say they have been a part of a world record!
Also I heard the Mayor might be there. :)
FINALLY, this is very important. As seats are limited we have a count that we have to stick to. We apologize about this inconvenience but we were not able to nail down a restaurant due to finicky numbers of attendance. You MUST BE ON THE LIST OF INVITES ON THE MID WEST BLOGGER MEET UP ON FACEBOOK. We will let you know of openings as they become available.

In order to pay for everything that is going out that was not donated we are asking that each attendee chip in 15$. Please email me if this is going to be an issue, we will discuss. Please click the link here: PAY PAL
or click the button here:

To pay your 15 dollar convenience fee. This fee is going to provide space,food, drink, prizes. We thank you in advance for your cooperation on this.

This fee is what holds your seat at the event.

We will announce on the Midwest Blogger Get Together Facebook page if there are any open seats late in the game.

Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing you there!

Using Scholastic Book Orders to Make Writing Engaging

I'm linking up again with Deb from Crafting Connections for Anchors Away Monday!

Last week, I handed out our October Scholastic Book orders and the kids were so excited, as they usually are. Even more excited when I told them if our order was $100 or more, EVERY student would get a free book! They were pumped! So I took that excitement and decided to put it into our writing!

We have really been focusing on writing paragraphs, particularly in friendly letters. We just got done briefly talking about author's purpose the week before with our basal {blek!} story, so we reviewed the author's PIE. Then, I modeled how to write a PERSUASIVE friendly letter to their family asking to buy ONE book from their book order. We took some time to look through our book orders so we could narrow our choice down to just 1! We then gathered at the carpet and did our anchor chart together. I made sure to just write give 3 reasons, because I know if I did write reasons, most kids would just copy mine...I hate when they do that! I haven't redone it, so it's a bit sloppy...forgive me! I also accidentally ordered blank chart paper...I need some lined! I'll have to go and buy some!

My kiddos were so engaged, it was crazy!

We're now working on editing their letters in writing conferences and publishing them on neon loose leaf paper to take home to their families...which they LOVE. I already received one book order, and they're not due until Oct. 24th! :)

You may notice my desk organization map below my board. You can read about that anchor chart here! The desk fairy visited last week and was able to give 5 students, 2 of them being a couple of my most UNorganized kiddos, treats for organized desks. This time the fairy gave pencil grippers!

Have an awesome anchor chart to share? Link up with Deb! Make sure you stop by her post, she has a couple great contraction freebies! :)

Currently October 1st!

WHAT?! I swear this year is just flying by. Christmas will be here before you know it! :)

I'm linking up with the fabulous Farley for Currently!

Listening: I love Ellen DeGeneres. Seriously, that woman makes this world a far better place. I hope to meet her some day. She is so inspiring.
Loving: I've only made one...and it's my template...but seriously, how freakin' adorable are my locker signs for my cheerleaders this year?!
Only 29 more!
Thinking: self explanatory. I made tacos! yum!
Wanting: Yesterday it was 85. I love summer...but I really like the cooler, sweatshirt, scarf, sweater, fall weather, ya know?! Iowa weather...always confused on the seasons!
Needing: Yeah...I can't believe it's already Thursday tomorrow! Also, I teach the before school program to about 12-15 3rd graders, so I need to plan for them, too.
Treat: So, I like to do this thing called Featured Friday where I feature a new{ish} blogger and I offer something if they follow them. Earlier last month, I featured Dawn from Revenge of the Thirds and gave this set!
So, do me a favor? Leave me your email and go follow my friend Dawn and I'll send you my clipart set! :)

Happy October!

Want to have some Halloween fun with your class all month long...just 5 minutes a day?! Visit this post!
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