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July, say what?! A month into summer vacation!

I'm linking up with the fab Farley. She's had a rough start to summer, so please go over to her blog and leaver her some LOVE!
I LOVE JIMMY! I seriously would looooove to see him and Justin Timberlake do stand up together. They're so hilarious! My 2 besties and I have started to say "ewww" all the time! HAHA!

Oh my gosh, so last night I posted this little COMPLETELY EDITABLE baby in my store and set for free for 24 hours.
OVER 1,600 DOWNLOADS AND 140 COMMENTS, PEOPLE!!!! Too awesome!!! It's now a paid product, but let's do a Pin It to Win It! Pin the product cover above, or go here to check it out in my store, pin it, comment with the URL of your pin and email, and I will choose 1 winner sometime Wednesday! :)

My boyfriend and I started a garden this year and we have cucumbers! I need to find some yummy pickle recipes!
Found a new blogger today, Jennifer from Laman's Terms, who was talking about in her first EVER post about how much time she spent working on her blog. I've had some people suggest I start design I thought I'd offer my 1st design to Jennifer! I'm super excited to start! Head over to Jennifer's blog and leave some encouraging words!!

Go link up for Currently!!

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Monday Made-It!

My favorite linky! :) I have 3 great projects to share with you today!
Thanks so much to Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics for keeping us all motivated this summer!
One of my best friends since 3rd grade is expecting her first! TWINS! A boy and a girl! I love the idea of getting a piggy bank for babies, and it's so much fun to decorate them! She's going with a woodsland theme for the nursery so I decorated the banks accordingly.

I just used Sharpies, then baked at 350 for 25 minutes. The teal was turquoise, but darkened after baking. I stuck in some letter stickers, so she can add the names once her and hubby make a decision! :)
A little sweetie wrote this last year, and I knew I had to save it and frame it. I just used scrapbook paper and glitter washi tape.
I've seen numerous Flip Books to hand out to parents at Open House/Meet the Teacher/etc, but none of them quite met my needs. I need simple. So I created this version. All of the text is editable! You will be done with it in 5 easy peasy steps! I also used freebie fonts from LuckeyFrog, so you can make yours just as cute as mine!! And I have it posted for FREE for 24 hours! Yahoo! Make sure to leave feedback, and share with your friends!

What did you create this week?! Go link up! :)
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Monday Made It & Monday Meet Up!

Hey everyone!

I had a full day today! I woke up early and was on the road by 6AM to go up to Ames, IA for the Iowa Reading Council Conference! WOO! The conference is acutally Tuesday and Wednesday, but I am the president for my local council, so we had leadership conference today! I learned about an awesome technology thing that I hope to share with all of you later this week once I get it mastered! It will amaze those that have mobile devices in your classroom! :)

So I'm linking up today with Tara @ 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It as well as The Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet Up!

So for the 1st Monday Made It of summer, I shared this wreath that I made for my front door.

I wanted to make sure I attached the decorations in an easy way, so that I could interchange the elements for  different.seasons/holidays. My boyfriend is OBSESSED with USA soccer and the world cup, so I decided to get a head start for 4th of July and support Team USA! {I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!}
So I detached my summer-y decor. Super easy because I just used floral wire to stick it in the foam wreath. So I was left with a blank wreath.
Got my 4th of July/Patriotic supplies together and started creating...
And this is the result! :) I love it! I used floral wire again to attach, so it will be super easy to remove and put the summer-y decor back on after the 4th!

I finished my newest product!

I love crossword puzzles and have used a couple with my kiddos and they love it! This pack has a set of 5 that includes versions with and without word banks. You can click here to check it out in my store!
Here, you can download a free sample that gives you one of the puzzles! :)
I can't wait to go through all of the links to see everyone's craftiness!

I got really sick when I was 17 (2007), and was hospitalized for 16 days...double mycoplasma pneumonia. It was awful, and I'm actually lucky to be a live. I have scars on both sides from chest tubes. My entire left lung was filled with fluid, my right about 3/4. So on my left side, aligned with my scar, I have "What Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You STRONGER" tattooed. This was back in '09, shortly after I got it.

Gleaking is when you essentially spray spit from underneath your tongue. Yeah...its' kinda gross. My dad did all the time when I was little, and I tried for so long to do it, and finally did! I've read that it's genetic...but I'm not sure about that!

I'm an ex Army brat! My dad is now retired from serving 23 1/2 years in the U.S. Army. We moved quite a bit before my parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade. I was born in Germany and also lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, and a different part of Iowa before I moved to my now hometown of Burlington when I was 7.

I hope you're enjoying your summer!! :)
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Teacher Tip Thursday and Pin It to Win It Product!

Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune again for the summer linky party!
My mom bought me a plaque with this quote on it shortly before I started my student teaching. I always said that I wanted to be the kind of teacher that gets invited to high school graduation parties of their former students because I had that much of an impact on their lives. 
Like the washi tape? They're free in my store!

GUESS WHAT?! I just finished my latest product! 
Click to check it out in my TpT Store!
This product features 5 crossword puzzles perfect for homework, assessments, and/or math centers! I have included puzzles with the option of a word bank as well as answer keys. I will be adding 5 additional puzzles to this product by 6/30/2014, and the price will increase, but if you purchase it now, you will able to re-download the product and get the 5 additional puzzles for free! :)
How about we do a pin it to win it?!
Just pin the image of the product, comment with your URL and email address, and I will choose a winner tomorrow at noon central time! :)
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Monday Meet Up-Dear Me

I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune today for another installment of Monday Meet Up!

Today is a letter to myself!
If you're interested in donating for my blogiversary at the end of July, please fill out the Google form here!
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Two for Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up when Teacher Tribune for part of the summer linky, Two for Tuesday!
For today only, I have put 2 of my TpT products 50% off! :)

My first product is on sale for $1.50! It is my Homework Club pack!
I've seen a lot of Homework Club ideas on blogs and Pinterest. I took some of those ideas and swirled them together with my own to create my version of the Homework Club.
My student receive a new punch card each month, as well as an OOPS! coupon.
This pack includes everything you need to implement my version:
Bulletin Board Pieces
84 Different Punch Card Styles
-12 Different Backgrounds for Holidays/Seasons
- 7 Punch Card Options (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16)
OOPS Coupons

My 2nd product is my best selling 3 Digit Addition and Subtraction Scoot! I bundled my 2 scoot games to this one pack and it's on sale today for $2! 
Also! Until 4PM today, my 1st set of digital papers will be on sale for just $1!
Choose 2 resources to put on sale and link up! :) Remember to always leave sweet feedback when you purchase something, so you can earn credit for future purchases!

And don't forget! If you would like to help me celebrate my 1st blogiversary at the end of July, fill out the Google form! :)
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Monday Made-It and Monday Meet Up!

I'm so excited about this week's Monday made-it, because I have a lot! :) AND it's mostly home stuff! Woo!
First up, I made this cute "H" for my May SlantBox partner! May's theme was all about the monograms to introduce your partner! :) She was thinking about having her colors next year be black, pink, and turquoise, so I went that route! :)
Crossed another thing off my summer bucket list! I'm beginning to draw clipart! :) I have 2 freebies for you, too, and one paid because I worked REALLY hard on it! :)
Click to download Freebie!

Click to download freebie!

Click to check out in TpT store!
Do you create clipart? Any tips?
A wreath for my door! I wanted something neutral, so I could change the accessories out based on seasons/holidays! :) The flowers are attached with floral wire! I already have my accessories for 4th of July, although, I may need to put them on right away to support USA in the world cup! My boyfriend is obsessed!
Got wine bottles?! I have a bunch and I've started to delabel them so I can to crafting! I did 2 this week, but one I'm not quite done with so I'll just share this one!

I love the little something it gives to my living room. 
I told you it was mostly home stuff! After seeing this quote on Pinterest, I knew I had to create it for my bathroom/laundry room. Our bathroom is ridiculously huge for the size of our house, and that is where are washer and dryer are. I didn't really like it at first because I felt like not only does my bathroom have to look nice now for when people are over, but I also have to have my laundry looking tidy?! But I'm used to it now, and a lot of people tell me that it so much better than having it in the basement. 

Now I just need some more stuff to put on the wall because it's looking a little naked, haha. 
I'm thinking these?
Seeking Sole Mates #Laundry Wall Plaque Sign Sock by Frameyourstory, $34.95
Check Your Pockets Change Jar/laundry room decor made from reclaimed wood  on Etsy, $45.00
What have you created?! Make sure to go link up with Tara and check out what everyone else has been up to! I will try to create more school stuff this week!

Oh, this will be so much fun this summer! :)

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