Creative Teaching Press' New 'STACHE!

So I know it's kind of crazy to think about the Back-to-School 2014 season, since we're still counting down the days to the end of the 2013-14 school year, but I have some super exciting news to share with you!

I was given insider information on some of Creative Teaching Press' new Back To School products! Today, I'm sharing 2 of my favorites!

Who doesn't love the chalkboard look?! This is just one of many chalkboard style posters CTP has for BTS! I want ALL of them! Only $3.49 each!

I'm SUPER excited about this. CTP has created this awesome Math GNOMe bulletin board pack that aligns perfectly with the Common Core. This 3rd grade, and they have K-5th! This pack comes with over 100 pieces that will help transform your classroom to a Common Core classroom! It's only $19.99! The resource book is a steal at $12.99!  I'm already trying to figure out where I'm going to clear some wall space for this gem!

I'm part of an awesome group of teachers that will be bringing you lots more of exclusive looks! You'll definitely want to stop by next week! You'll want to follow my Facebook page as well as my Instagram for all the details!

Click above to go to see Ms. Hamm's First Grade Funland's sneak peaks! 


Five for Friday!

Wow, this week went fast, but it was a stressful one for me. I hope next week goes better for one of my kiddos in particular!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!
We made some awesome fraction kites this week, thanks to Carrie at Anchored in 3rd Grade for the idea!
March Homework Club members! The members voted on Subway and ice cream for their reward! I had 8, but unfortunately 2 made some poor choices and could not join us.
Speaking of Homework Club....first week for April and 19 out of 21 kids got a punch in their card! I'm SUPER excited! :)
Today the kiddos could leave comments on Kidblog. I felt a lot of love from them (see side bar) and I was so proud of their kind comments to their peers. We've been battling some put downs and bullying behavior so seeing them really get along made me super happy!
I'm off to Des Moines tomorrow for a fun weekend with friends and it's going to be almost 80?! WHAT?! I just hope it doesn't rain. It was 74 here today and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Have a fab weekend!

Tried It Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday for the first time! :)

What I used today was not the first time I've used it, but the first time I've used it this year.
I used KidBlog during my 5th grade student teaching as a choice for Work on Writing during Daily. The students absolutely LOVED it! They would make all of these great connections with their books and several of them used it at home.

I also used KidBlog last year when I taught 6th-8th grade reading intervention. We read The Diary of Anne Frank as a class and I often had them write on KidBlog to express their opinions, connections, etc. about what we were reading. They really enjoyed it and I got to learn so much about my students' thoughts about the book after I read their posts than I did in class, because they were too shy to talk about it.

So I decided since my 3rd graders have been working on typing all year, and we needed a NEW activity for the computer lab (we go 3 times a week), this might work out well.

OH MY GOODNESS DID IT EVER! The students were SO excited (even ones who get excited about very few things when it comes to school). The computer lab was silent as students were typing. Today's post was very open ended, so they could get used to it. I plan on posting a topic or prompt each Tuesday for them to write about. Then, when we go in on Friday, they will each be able to read the comment I left for them, read classmates' blogs, and write comments themselves. The range of topics today included books they were reading, plans for the weekend, summer vacation, and their family. I think this will be a great way for my kiddos who just LOVE telling me stories (every day, all day) to be able to share with me the things they want to. I know they'll be excited to see their comments from me. They also asked if I could add our associate on our blog, because they want to be able to comment on her blog, as well! I just love my class! :)

Have you used KidBlog? How do you use it?
What have you tried in your room?

Peek at My Week!

I just came back from school to make some copies for the week and do some grading.

I finished planning just a few minutes ago, so I'm linking up with Mrs. Laffin!

In math we are continuing to learn about fractions. So far we have compared fractions with the same numerator and same denominator...this week we will be using benchmarks and number lines. We'll be reviewing a bit at the end of the week using this awesome bundle!
Compare Fractions Bundle
In reading we are reading a nonfiction text from our basal called Rocking and Rolling. It's about volcanoes! I'm hoping the students will be interested in this selection! In small groups I will be using a passage from 247 Teacher's April Close Reading packet! I LOVE THIS PACK!
April Close Reading Passages for Text Evidence w/ CCSS Ali
In science we are wrapping up our last chapter in our roles of living things up and last..the solar system! And our textbook still lists Pluto as a planet...we need new curriculum! Argh!
In social studies, we finished our unit on how geography affects communities and our last unit will be on the government. My students presented their topics and posters last week and they did a great job! I'm really proud of the growth in their speaking skills!
In language we are finishing our Parts of Speech flipbooks and will do some review with Common Core Bellringers.
Parts of Speech Flipbook (Full-Size)

Common Core 3rd Grade- Spiral Language Review-90 Days-Part

Click on any of the products I mentioned to check them out on TpT.

This week I will also be meeting with my 8 students who turned in all of their homework in March to see what they would like to do to, Subway, ice cream, etc. I've seen a big increase students turning in homework since I started the Homework Club!

I hope you have a great week! :)


Update and April Currently

Hiya! I feel like I'm being a bad blogger lately...few updates! I apologize!!

Last time, I showed you guys a Pinterest project I found that inspired me for my class' silent auction item.

A great example of a classroom project! All students participating, each students fingerprint identified in the key below, creating a contemporary, universally appealing piece with a whole lot of sentiment!   "Kindergarten Class Auction Project - Chicago Skyline -- finished!" 

This is how it turned out! The kids loved sold for $25!

Let's move on to Currently! I'm linking up (a little late) with Farley! Super fun!

Listening: I LOVE ELLEN DEGENERES! Seriously. I would love to go to a show!
Loving: This week just FLEW by! WHEW!
Thinking: My boyfriends is working til 9:30, so I'm on my own for dinner...debating on if I wanna cook, or pick something up.
Wanting: not just a break from school, I just really want to go somewhere warm for a week to completely relax!
Needing: seems like everyone is sick at school...I need to prep my immune system!
Hours/Last Day: Contract is 7:45-3:45, but I usually get to school around 7, and leave most nights around 5 or so. Every elementary in our district has different times, because of bussing. Only 8 weeks left of school and 3 of them are 4 day weeks! OH MY GOODNESS...where did it the year go?! I feel like my kiddos are still 2nd graders...not almost 4th graders! :( I'm such a softy!

What are you up to?! Link up!

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