Five for Friday!

Well, my busy weekend quickly turned into an easy one. I was supposed to have 2 basketball games tonight, and I was travelling tomorrow with my wrestling cheerleaders to a conference tournament, but this happened...
Doesn't look like much  now, but it is supposed to be 8 inches by tomorrow late morning. :( HMPH! I want spring! Not to mention we are supposed to get round 2 on Tuesday...1st day of Iowa Assessments...

Anyways...time for Five for Friday!

Tuesday's basketball theme was throw back... too cute! :)
My class started using GoNoodle! IT IS AWESOME! We have been able to go outside for recess 1 time since the week before Christmas! We need ed to get up and moving!

We did a little bit of data collecting in math this week. We took our data and created line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs. So much more fun when the data is something THEY created! :)
I've been struggling with getting my kiddos to write without an assignment. My kids rarely choose Work on Writing during daily 5 unless I tell them we're writing to our pen pals, or give them a fun assignment. Although, I would still like them to generate writing without me prompting them... I found a way to get even my most RELUCTANT writers actually writing. It was inspired by most reluctant writer who loves food. We wrote a paragraph together about his favorite place to eat, Subway. That gave me an idea for everyone to write a paragraph about their favorite place to eat. Then, I found the BEST APP EVER! I give you...Scribble Press!
Where you can write and illustrate your own book...

It's awesome!

And the kiddos are learning to edit and publish!

And be more descriptive with their writing.

Endless possibilities for illustrating!

Also, you can save your book as a PDF then print it! NIFTY! The app is only $3.99 and so worth it!
My cheerleading season is winding down and that means 3 senior nights. This year I have 8 seniors. I met most of them when they were sophomores trying out for their junior years. I'm so thankful to work with such a great group of ladies!

 I framed one of these for each of my girls.
and put together this little college survival kit. :)

Last night I had my first of 3 senior nights... 2 of my wrestling cheerleaders will be graduating in just a couple of months! :(

I hope you have a marvelous weekend! :)

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