Five for Friday- November 22nd

Wowzers! This week was fast! Two more days, then Thanksgiving break! Man, once Halloween comes around, everything else just flies!

Time for another round of...
On Monday was our sweet baby's Adoption Day! He has been in his forever home for a full year! When we got him, the vet thought he was about 7 months... so he will be 2 in April sometime. I couldn't imagine our life without this sweet puppy.
Last night I found out I was drawn for my wish to be granted from the Right Road Kids! YAHHOO!
Thursday's hairstyle inspired by a student. On Wednesday, we were sharing about things that have happened this week that hurt our feelings. One student informed me that someone told her hair was too poofy (she has an afro pony right on top of her head everyday). I told her that I thought her hair was beautiful and I was going to wear my hear like her. So here it is!
Tonight I'm on the hunt for an ugly Christmas sweater. I'm hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party for all of my cheerleaders! I'm so excited! :)
I posted this on Monday, but no one took me up on my offer! I will try this again.... I made this activity placemat for my school's Thanksgiving Hall Feast on Tuesday! The first 3 people to comment with their email address will have it sent to them!
Also available in my TpT store!
Have a great weekend!


Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

So, I received this email yesterday...

Woop, woop! I only had until December 24th to get my project funded and I was starting to lose hope! I'm overjoyed and overwhelmed! The best part is, most of the donors are complete strangers! It is so uplifting to know that so many people care about education. I cannot wait to redo my classroom library, so my students have easier access to books! :)

Let's see what's happening in my room...

We are finishing up our social studies projects this week! Oh my gosh, I am SO proud of my students! I didn't know how this whole thing was going to work out, but it has really worked well!

In case you didn't see my post about S.S...let me update you. I have 1 student textbook. Yep, 1. The teacher who taught in the room previously had the same dilemma. After a long time, I finally figured out how I could have S.S. be engaging, cooperative, and have them actually LEARN! I decided to put those leveled readers to good use! I borrowed a set from another teacher, so I could have plenty of books. I then split up my kiddos into 4 groups, only 1 topic being repeated. The students started out by filling out the K and W of their KWL.

Click to get this FREEBIE!
It took them awhile to understand this, but they caught on!

Next, they had to read their readers in their groups. The students got really creative in figuring out who would read. One group strictly did a round robin, another did rock paper scissors every time! After the read the readers and filled out their L columns, they started to plan their posters.
I had them assign jobs such as organizers, artists, writers, and researchers. I showed the researchers how to find images on Google and paste them into a word document to print; they loved it!

The students really worked together these last couple of weeks. Tomorrow, we will finish our posters. Thursday, we are going to talk about how to present our information to the class. Next Tuesday (day before break), we are going to present to the class and hopefully my principal can come in and see the kids' hard work!

I LOVE how this worked out and can't wait to see how the students' projects evolve! For this round, I grouped the kids strictly based on reading abilities, but next round I will be mixing them up quite a bit. I want to make sure each topic (advanced, on level, and below) all get presented on for each unit. It was so cool to hear one of my advanced students ask a below level student what a rural community was when they noticed it on their poster. Can you say win, win for everyone?! AWESOMEEEE! :)

Here are a couple pictures of my kiddos working with place value blocks to understand regrouping, little cuties! 

Lastly, I wanted to share my latest product with you!
The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade team is going to have a Thanksgiving Hall Feast next Tuesday. It was a tradition started a few years ago, and from what I hear it is a pretty awesome thing! Imagine 200+ people in a hallway sitting on the floor, using newsprint as their table, eating a Thanksgiving meal! 
While the teachers and volunteers serve the plates, the kids sit waiting (so patiently). They've done some word searches in the past, but I thought I'd spruce things up a bit and create an activity placemat! :) It has a little bit of everything to suit everyone! 
The first 3 people to leave me their email will get it sent to them for free! :)

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Happy Monday!


Monday Made It- November

I feel like a sub par blogger! My sickness got worse over last week and I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and got an antibiotic and nasal spray for my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sinus infection. I'm just starting to feel better today. Ugh, I hate being sick! Of course it happened at the worst possible time...conferences, cheerleading, anddddd every day teaching. PHEW!

But I wanted to link up for MMI!

Anyways... I've been up to my elbows in ribbon and hot glue! Check out the 40 bows I made over the past 2 weekends for my cheerleaders!

Can you guess our colors? :)

And, I know I already posted this once, but I just love my door! Although apparently I need to change it out for winter, because it SNOWED today. Yes, snowed. Not just a little, it stuck to the grass and had accumulation! UGH! door with students reading on each leaf!

And if you're looking for some new graphic organizers...

I wish I had more to share, but I've just been too busy! I hope to have some winter/Christmas products in my store soon! :)

Have a wonderful week,


November Currently

I apologize for my absence. Last weekend, I got out of bed maybe twice. Awful, awful yuckiness. I even got a sub for Monday, because it was awful. I had no voice for 3 days, and ate my weight in soup. Luckily my boyfriend took great care of me. Unfortunately, it has not gone away completely...ugh!

Tuesday was our 2nd and final night of conferences. I'm currently in the process of rescheduling 8 conferences because of no shows. Awesome.

Then of course Thursday was a crazy day due to Halloween, but my costume was AWESOME!

I made little mummy goodie bags for my kiddos!

I know most of you had to teach yesterday, and I hope you didn't lose your mind. I had a PD day. So much better than trying to teach sugar coma kiddos!

This weekend I hope to get lots done for cheerleading {practice starts Monday}, get some new TpT items up, and reorganize the disaster that is my classroom right now.

Now, time for Currently with Farley!
Listening: My boyfriend has me addicted! He's been trying for awhile to get me started on it...and it finally happened. I'm in the 2nd season.
Loving: Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will be here soon, then Christmas! I'm excited to decorate my house! :)
Thinking: Ugh, being sick makes it very difficult to find motivation!
Wanting: I don't need a break, I just need a lot of time to get things done. 
Needing: But I do need a break, too! Ha!
A Yummy Pin: I'm thinking about making this for our family Thanksgiving!
Cheesy Loaded Twice Baked Potato Casserole

Happy November!

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