Open House

I had Open House on Thursday night. I was frantically running around an hour before it started trying to get everything done! It was a great success and I met all but 5 of my students and their families. I'm so so excited for Monday!

Before I get to my Open House, I just wanted to share a couple of pictures of things I finished in my room.

The left is my attendance board. It is right next to my door and this is how students will tell me their lunch count. On the bottom of the index cards are hot on one side, cold on the other. Two of my students will be in charge of attendance (2 for accuracy!) and will be turning it into me. 

The right are my bookcases, but will be getting a different arrangement once I get my baskets. I'm also going to paint R-E-A-D letters to make the space not look so empty! 

And now for my Open House setup.
This was projected on my Promethean Board and on my door to let parents and students know what they needed to do.

These are most of my stations!

If you haven't looked into getting the REMIND 101 app you should! I only had 3 parents sign up, but I hope to have more soon!

I had parents fill out a website permission form to give me permission to post pictures or videos of their student on our class website.

My magnets were a huge hit! Parents were really grateful for them! I also had about 5 Room Parents sign up, and all parents signed up for conferences! I was so thrilled! :)

We're having our house warming party tonight, but I will be heading to school tomorrow to finish some things up and pack up some empty boxes and totes.

I will post more pictures of my room tomorrow! If you missed my classroom reveal, check it out here!
Feel free to ask any questions about my stations!

Until tomorrow,

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