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Today I want to talk about classroom decor. As a beginning teacher, I think that's one of the many things I'm excited for. If you've been reading my blog, you know that I bought my first house this summer. I keep telling people I don't know which is more exciting, decorating my classroom or house!

Now, some of you may be thinking, "she started teaching in January...didn't she have her own classroom then?" And you would be correct, technically. I did have my own classroom, however, it was not intended to be a classroom. I was lucky enough to work in a brand spankin' new building! It was completed last summer in time for the first group of students the 2012-13 school year. The problem was, this was the first year they had a supplemental reading class, and they did not plan for it in the building design. So, I was actually in a big closet. Yes, a closet. A great space if it was attached to your master bedroom, but not so much for a classroom. I had no windows. Not even a window on the door to look out in the hallway. It was hot on warm days, and cold on cool days. I don't think they anticipated heating and cooling a closet. Here are some pictures of my classroom, when I first decorated. Over spring break I rearranged furniture, because I wanted  my desk to act as a boundary for the 2 student tables.

When you enter my closet classroom
Student bookshelf...which was completely full from top to bottom by the end of the year.
I tried to implement Cafe strategies...but it wasn't too successful.
My desk, including a giant bowl of candy! :)
Just adding a little color and support for the panthers!
Bookshelf behind my desk 
My inspiration! If you haven't read Taylor Mali's book What Teacher's Make, you need to check it out. This is where this poem came from.

So, as you can see, I couldn't do a whole lot to my room. For my 1st year in 3rd grade, I thought about doing a theme. I really love love love chevron print, as do a lot of people right now, it's kind of in at the moment, in case you haven't noticed! But then I decided I just have lots of fun colorful things, so that's what my theme is going to be this year: color! I know, not much of a theme, but I'm just going to focus on making my room a great learning environment. Besides, if I pick a theme, I will probably buy every thing and any thing that is in that theme, even if I don't need it. However, I am going to make a back to school bulletin board. I haven't decided what it will say quite yet. I'm going to Des Moines this weekend and I'm planning on stopping by the Learning Post to grab some things, so I'll see what I find there!

I found out yesterday that I can get into my room August 5th, so I'll make sure to post pictures of it {before & after} when I get in there!

So what is your classroom theme this year? Share your thoughts and ideas by commenting! I really love hearing from you!

Happy Weekend!


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  1. I haven't decided on a theme just yet. I originally wanted to do a red and black color palette, but I do not have a lot of red and black things. I think it might end up being like my room this past year. I didn't have a theme, but there was a lot of color. My colleagues would always comment on how bright and cheerful my room was. I guess we'll see. I am so envious that you have a date when you can get into your classroom! I'm hoping to find out next Friday when I can get into mine. :)


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